06 October 2010

Most disgusting animal i ever met

Yuck!really duplely triplely superbly dislike that 禽兽都不如parasite!!!yer..feel extremely pitiful for it's parents..haiz..
Sad to say that..i have a classmate like that..since the first sight..i already felt like don't want to interact with him..nw..i can very very sure decision is d correct one!definitely!
Feeling pitiful 2 d little fish killed by him this noon..can you imagine that he purposely caught some small fishes from a drain just for fun in school?!a f6 student man!freaking childish!then 1 of d small fishes jumped out from the bottle and fell on d floor..he cant manage 2 catch it back..then..murder happened!!he stepped on it!!!goodness!blood burst out..haiz..speechless..
Rest in peace little fish..
Parasite..please la..dun make others feel it you are kind of lack of parental care..

15 August 2010

recent life

recently..onli can use 1 word 2 describe my life..that is 'busy'! a mess..i really got no idea 2 arrange it properly..weekdays..full with school assignment..studies..tuition..sunday..tuition n rush back 2 melaka..luckily i stil gt saturday..i stil manage 2 spend my time wit my beloved family n tzu chi.wii~
haiz..mayb i nt yt put down evrthin..juz pretending like i hav throw it away..hehe..tmw gonna b a busy day again..n i'll be all right soon..that's great..
hmm..recently realise that youngsters nowadays really should learn 2 b more mature..f6..really is a good way..couz it is superbly duplely challenging..
I miz my piano so only realise that music is so so so important 4 me..haiz..
Quite late dy..i shud do my pa hmwork dy..toddlesss..

04 July 2010



hmm..suddenly got a big urge wanna write about few 'you' that have been appeared in my life..

1st 'you'
that day saw u in melaka..wearing the shirt i gave..
hahahaha..felt warm..
because i know..u didn't hate me..or even already understand that was just a more fitnah..shuang ar!!hehe..

2nd 'you'
hmm..about u..i really don't know i have to start from where..haiz..
u really are a very very very talented player..for sure..but just a player..
u manage to let people put much of confidence and trust on u and then break them up..all them up!! having lots of fun huh??haiz..frankly speaking..if u feel proud with this kind of attitude..i can guarantee that..u are superb immature!
dun more interruption in ur life..couz i wanna protect myself from trapping me,jessie chin, being such a fool again..xiao peng you..please be more mature..k?u are no longer a it?
the way u treat ur parents..treat ur family..treat ur friends..or even treat ur gf..
that's not the way!!definitely not the way!!appreciate everything that u hav la..don't just put urself as centre.. offence..NO OFFENCE!!i'm not so nonsense..but please don't just ignore what i'm trying to tell u now..don't just think that i'm telling no point or nonsense now..try to accept others' opinion urself..i really really hope to see u become a guy..not a boy anymore..
hmm..i think..when u read this post..u sure wanna share with lots of ur friends around..isn't it??that's ur style..ya ya..i'm talking bout need show ppl that u r a great player..enough..
o ya..whoever perasaan..please try to think about it..haha..

haiz..really fed up matter how serious i matter how much effort i still end up with the same ending..haiz..well..maybe i should try with some different things..haha..

haiz..going back melaka again..toddles..
to be continue~~

26 June 2010

new school life in melaka high school..

finally came back from melaka..
finished the 1st week of miserable new life in melaka..

what will come to ur mind when u come across with the word 'melaka high school'??
cluster school??famous??nice place for studying??
haiz..haiz..haiz.. u know who is the head boy in mhs now?
hints..he's tbss former student..
1 year elder then me..
5 intelek 08..
got idea dy??
he's that big guy..ariff..
haiz..speechless..head boy man..haiz..

secondly..the condition of the school building..
when raining..flood comes!
when raining..ceiling of the corridor..leaking man!
lower 6 students..don't even have a constant class room..
cham ar!! roommate's phone got stolen..haiz..
she put her bag which she kept her phone in the library..
just 2 periods of stolen..librarian do what de o??!!
my class monitor..her branded nike school bag also got stolen..
school bag man!also can steal..haiz..

haiz..haiz..haiz..moody moody..what kind of school i m entering??
will i get good results in stpm next year with this kind of condition??

moody moody..
everything is in chaos..haiz..
oh my life!!!


10 June 2010